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April 2022

Abstract Submission Deadline Extended

30th June 2022

Abstract Results Announcement

18th July 2022

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22nd August 2022


Categories Remarks
Trauma Submission
Open to all Malaysian & International Delegates
Globe Trauma: Cornea/Ocular Surface
Anterior Segment (Lens, Iris, Glaucoma)
Posterior Segment (Retina/Vitreous/Choroid)
Neuroophthalmic Trauma (Optic Pathway, Other Nerves)
Eyelid & Lacrimal Periocular Trauma
Orbit & Orbitofacial Trauma
Trauma abstract
submission will be
accredited with
international meeting
merit points

Decision on the final form of
presentation which is either
Oral or E-Poster Presentation
will be decided by the
Review Committee.
Non-Trauma Submission
Open to Malaysian delegates only
Cornea, External Eye Diseases, and Eye Banking
Orbital, Oculoplastic, and Lacrimal
Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
Non-trauma abstract
submission will be
accredited with local
meeting merit points.

Decision on the final form of
presentation which is either
Oral or E-Poster Presentation
will be decided by the
Review Committee.

Download Abstract Templates:

Abstract Template:

  1. Please use the abstract template for spacing and organization of subsections. Abstract(s) that does not adhere to the abstract template will not be accepted for review.
  2. Download the Abstract Templates as a guide.

Abstract Content

Depending on abstract submission content must follow as listed below:

Research Base / Clinical Audit Case Report / Case Series

Abstract Guidelines:

  1. Abstract should be written in English.
  2. Any work submitted must be original and have not been presented in any scientific meetings or published previously.
  3. The Abstract Title must be concise. Avoid using abbreviations in the title.
  4. Abstract should be no more than 250 words not including title.
  5. Restricted to ONE page only as per abstract template.
  6. Do not mention in the content of the abstract the names of any affiliated institutes, academic institutions, hospitals, eye centers etc. or any individuals involved in the study. Otherwise, the abstracts will be rejected outright.
  7. Abstract should only contain text. Figures and tables are not permitted.
  8. Define each abbreviation in the first time it is used in the abstract by placing what it stands for in parentheses.
  9. Font size: 12.
  10. Font type: Times New Roman.
  11. Spacing and Alignment: Single spacing and justified fields.
  12. Format layout: 1 Column Page
  13. Margin: 0.75” (1.9cm) margin.
  14. File submitted must be in Word document not more than 2.5MB.


  1. The presenting author MUST BE the first author.
  2. All presenting authors must complete their registration for the conference and prepare the presentation.
  3. Abstract submissions are limited to a maximum of 3 abstracts per presenting author.
  4. All abstracts submitted must be original and has never been published elsewhere.
  5. All abstracts must be submitted via the online abstract submission platform on the conference website.
  6. Late submissions, email and paper submissions will not be allowed.
  7. During the online submission of abstracts, submitters will be given the opportunity to indicate if they wish for their submission to be published or not in the supplementary issue of Malaysian Journal of Ophthalmology (MyJO).
  8. All materials accepted for publication in MyJO will become the permanent property of the Journal. The journal allows readers to read, download, copy, print, search and distribute the published articles, provided the authors are properly acknowledged and cited.
  9. Please note that in the event of any issues arising from these abstracts including legal issues, the applicant is solely responsible.

Abstract Review

All abstracts will be peer-reviewed by the Review Committee. The reviewing process is confidential, and the decision is final.

The Review Committee reserves the rights to:

  1. Select the abstracts relevant to the category.
  2. Decide on the final form of presentation which is either Oral or E-Poster Presentation.
  3. Edit the abstract if it has significant spelling and grammatical mistakes. It is the author’s responsibility to proofread and submit an abstract with correct spelling and grammar.

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