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12th COSC UM-APOTS 2022 Organising Committee

Organising Chairperson
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norlina Ramli
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amir Samsudin
Scientific Committee
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tengku Ain Kamalden
Assoc. Prof Dr. Nurliza Khaliddin
Dr. Sujaya Singh
Dr. Marium Jamaluddin Ahmad
Dr. Nurul Najieha
Dr. Lim Yi Wen
Sponsorship Committee
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tajunisah Iqbal
Dr. Sudhashini Chandrasekaran
Dr. Irina Effendi-Tenang
Dr. Reena Kaur Khaira
Dr. Penny Lott Pooi Wah
Dr. Fazliana Ismail
Dr. Nooramad Abbas Ahmad
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Asia Pacific OphthalmicTrauma Society (APOTS)

Of the 5 organs of sense of the body, our eyes is the most important sense. Centuries ago, humans would rely on our sense of sight for survival in the wild. In today’s world, having sight is a great equalizer to education and access to job opportunities.

Recognising this, it is the mission of APOTS to help save sight for millions of people who might otherwise lose it to ophthalmic trauma.

Asia Pacific Ophthalmic Trauma Society started in 2011. It is a network and team of eye care professionals with special interest in ophthalmic trauma. This network drives the advancement of clinical care, science and research in this very important field.

While the society maybe based in the Asia Pacific, we have members from 25 different countries from around the world.

We invite all ophthalmologists and pathologists and also radiologists, radiotherapists, ophthalmic nurses and ocularists to join us as members who share the same vision as APOTS to join us as members.

APOTS membership fees is a lifetime membership and the funds collected is used for the continuing medical education efforts, research in the field of ophthalmic trauma and to set up multicentre collaborative studies.

More information is available at

APOTS Council Member

President Emeritus
Dr. Rajvardhan Azad
Prof. Dr. S Natarajan
Dr. Caroline Chee
Chairman Scientific Committee
Dr. Gangadhara Sundar
Secretary General
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rupesh Agrawal

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