Video Submission Opens

April 2022

Video Submission Deadline Extended

30th June 2022

Video Results Announcement

18th July 2022

All successful video submitters must complete their registration & payment by

15th August 2022

video submission

Surgical Video Session Guidelines

Trauma Submission
Open to all Malaysian & International Delegates
Globe Trauma: Cornea/Ocular Surface
Anterior Segment (Lens, Iris, Glaucoma)
Posterior Segment (Retina/Vitreous/Choroid)
Neuroophthalmic Trauma (Optic Pathway, Other Nerves)
Eyelid & Lacrimal Periocular Trauma
Orbit & Orbitofacial Trauma
Non-Trauma Submission
Open to Malaysian delegates only
Cornea, External Eye Diseases, and Eye Banking
Orbital, Oculoplastic, and Lacrimal
Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

How to submit?

  1. Pre-record and edit your video.
  2. Submit the final video by 30th June 2022 at
  3. Videos that comply with the terms and conditions will be accepted.
  4. The videos will be played during the conference from 17th to 18th September 2022.
  5. The best videos will be announced during the Best of Videos Session at the Closing Ceremony.

Video Presentation Submission Guidelines

  1. All submitted videos MUST be accompanied by a declaration of having been presented previously e.g. "This video has never been presented elsewhere previously." / "This video has previously been presented at XXXXXX (please state the event/meeting, year and awards received, if any)."
  2. Pre-record and edit your video. Video presentations should be straightforward, professional and clear.
  3. Ensure your videos are Ensure your videos are within 3 to 5 minutes duration and that the quality of the recording and audio are clear. The organizers will not provide any video editing services.
  4. Submit your final video presentation via the conference website (
  5. The video submitted must be conducted substantially by the submitter.
  6. The submitter may be assisted by others in the process of preparing the video for submission. We suggest that any acknowledgement of assistants are included in the closing segment of the video.
  7. The video submitter should take full responsibility to ensure that they have full ownership of copyright to the content that is uploaded. The video submitter should also remove all potentially identifying personal information including patient’s names, initials, identifying features or numbers from the images, charts, graphs, tables, or text if any, before submitting the video.
  8. All successful submitters agree that their videos will be showcased during the 11th COSC UM-APOTS 2022.
  9. The video will become the permanent property of 11th COSC UM-APOTS 2022 organisers and may be downloaded, copied, searched, and distributed provided the submitter is properly acknowledged and cited.
  10. Please note that in the event of any issues arising from the videos including legal issues, the submitter is solely responsible.

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